Refined Sugar: America's 2nd Favorite Past-Time?

by Jesse Muhammad

Did you wake up this morning with an after taste from the sweets that you digested last night? Have you ever thought about the detrimental effects of refined sugar on your health?

According to research, refined sugar is very harmful and people are consuming it daily by the second. I wanted to share with you some information first from the book How To Eat To Live Book 1 by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. And also give you two links to some very interesting articles emailed to me from Brother Demetric Muhammad of Memphis, who is an excellent author and researcher.

Excerpts from How To Eat To Live Book 1:

"Since the American citizens eat more meat, sugar and starchy foods than they should, there is almost an epidemic of too much sugar accumulating in out blood."

"Pastries and cakes -- the kind made with crusts of white flour and sweetened with white sugar, so sweet you can still taste them the next day, are not good for our stomachs. All this hastens you to the graveyard sooner than you would like to go. We should eat fruit and fruit pies. I love that little black blueberry pie; huckleberry, as we call it in the South. But do not make it with white sugar or crusts of white flour. Use brown sugar and whole wheat flour for your pie and cobbler crusts."

(Note: You can order a copy of How To Eat To Live by clicking here: The Final Call E-Store)

Article Links courtesy of Bro. Demetric Muhammad:

Refined Sugar: The Sweetest Poison of All


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