Homeless But Not Hopeless in Houston: Muhammad Mosque No. 45 serving the people in the streets

On October 3, the community outreach ministry of Muhammad Mosque No. 45 caravanned to that park to offer food, clothing and words of hope to the multi-racial population living blocks away from the baseball field where thousands watch the Houston Astros play.

“If you think like you’re hopeless, then you are. But you’re not that”, said Student Minister Robert Muhammad in his brief remarks.

The Mosque’s feed the homeless project was started by Sister Mattie X over four years ago wherein she has led members into the field to feed and cloth thousands in the city twice a month.

The initiative on this past Saturday was led by Sister Teesha Muhammad and Brother Sylvester 2X.

Read more about this story in an upcoming edition of The Final Call Newspaper!

Photos by Brother Jesse

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