New Orleans 4th grader asks Obama "why do people hate you?"

President Barack Obama was asked a serious question at a recent town hall meeting in New Orleans on October 15. A Black fourth grader by the name of Terrence Scott asked him "why do people hate you?" President Obama said, "it is just politics" and that "you have to take it with a grain of salt."

Watch the video below.

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  1. Healing The Brother Hood Campaign 2009
    Stronger...Wiser...Much Better
    "Let Love Lead The Way"
    Let The Healing Begin For Some...Continue for Others.

    Let's All work together to diffuse the Black Male Crisis.

    The Young man is right in asking the question, and he don't see politics, as well as understand them...This would have been a keep real moment to help this young black male know, what he may also have to contend with, rather he is a President or a Janitor.or a criminal..

    America's Thousand Points of Light# 542
    Juanita Blackmon


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