New Orleans Peace Keepers initiative honored for work in the streets

In recognition of over eight consistent months of working to curb the violence in the Crescent City, Nation of Islam Student Minister Willie Muhammad was honored for his community work at City Hall.

Mr. Muhammad heads the Hour of Power Peace Keepers anti-violence outreach initiative, which includes a diverse group of Black men walking through violent neighbors in the city to dialogue and offer assistance to residents.

“The New Orleans police chief recently handed out statistics that showed drops in nearly every category of crime. I believe that our work during the Hour of Power also has played a role in this drop,” says Mr. Muhammad.

The non-profit group Community Mediation Services sought nominations for top community workers and the Peace Keepers were selected. A proclamation was presented on Oct. 15 at the City Council chambers by the At-Large City Council member Arnie Fielkow to proclaim “Conflict Resolution Day” in the city of New Orleans.

Read more about this story in an upcoming edition of The Final Call Newspaper.

(To join and follow the works of the New Orleans Peace Keepers log on to www.noineworleans.org and www.crescentrizing.com )

All photos by Cedric Muhammad


  1. These brothers are definitely leading by example!

  2. This is the Mission!

  3. My first walk with the Peacekeepers was yesterday. I invite others brothers to join. The feeling of comfort, pride and self worth was exuding from me. This is what brothers are called to do i felt so in my destiny. WOW


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