Part 2 of Black Women in America: “Raising Boys”

(The following is Part 2 in a series of exclusive blogs written by single mothers leading up to the Houston premiere of the "Raising Boys" documentary on November 5.)

Written by Jordannah Nathan

My name is Jordannah Nathan and I am a single working mom. I have a beautiful two year old son named Jordan. I knew that I would be a single mother the minute that I saw the positive results of the pregnancy test.

I also knew that my life would never be the same. I never wanted to be a statistic, but here I was, single, no degree, and a baby on the way. To say I was scared would be an understatement. I felt fear, dread, guilt, and shame. What kind of mother would I be? What did I possibly have to offer?

I wasn’t prepared emotionally or financially for Jordan’s arrival. I was still struggling with mixed emotions about being a mother. When he was finally born, I went through a whole new mixture of emotions. I now felt that this was the most important thing that I would ever do in my life.

It was unbelievable to me that God loved me this much to bless me with this amazing gift. I was now a mother and I have an amazing son. We’re almost three years into this journey together and although it hasn’t always been easy, I have to keep pressing because I see the potential he possesses at only two years old.

If I listened to statistics, my son’s future looks bleak and I know the odds are not in our favor. In spite of this, I can’t be deterred from doing all I can to give my son the opportunity to reach his greatest potential. I see so many young Black men wasting away in the streets and I often wonder did their mothers have the same hopes and dreams for them as I do for Jordan.

What makes my story or the outcome any different from theirs? I don’t know and I can’t predict the future. What I know for sure is that God has brought us this far and with faith the sky is the limit.

P.S. Watch the story of many single mothers on November 5, 2009 at the Angelika Theatre in Houston for the premiere of a solution-oriented documentary that we hope will change your life: “Raising Boys”.

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  1. This is a great opportunity for dialogue, I read this young mother's story with great interest, It was wonderful to see her love for her son...I pray she maintains it..No we can't predict the future, but we can strive for a better future with our sons in mind.

    Healing The Brother Hood Campaign
    Stronger..Wiser..Much Better
    Let Love Lead The Way!
    Let the Healing Begin for some..Continue for others...God Bless

  2. As a single mother with a son I truly admire this series brother jesse and for the works of your brother deric.

    I appreciate you all dearly for giving single mothers encouragement. It's not easy.


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