TWEETING FOR THE MILLION MAN MARCH: Twitter users tune into Minister Farrakhan's address in Memphis via online webcast.

Twitter users from across the country and the globe took a break from watching football games to tune into the live webcast of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on October 18. Culminating a weekend of events, Min. Farrakhan delivered the keynote address commemorating the 14th anniversary of the Million Man March. The main story will be covered in an upcoming edition of the The Final Call newspaper by Assistant Editor Ashahed M. Muhammad.

With the hashtag #mmm, Twitter started buzzing with anticipation as staff members from The Final Call Newspaper launched live tweets from the beginning of the webcast all the way until Min. Farrakhan closed out.

Tweets started streaming from @TheFinalCall, @BrotherJesse, @NisaIslam, @JasirX, @beansouptimes and more! Soon quotes from Min. Farrakhan started being retweeted along with dialogues surrounding some of his comments. Thank you to everyone who put the word out via Twitter!

Here is a few Twitter recaps:

@sablikatriumph rt @BrotherJesse "Having a Black president can pacify u and lull u to sleep"--Farrakhan #mmm {Truth

@jasirix "You have no idea of the wickedness of government when you become a problem" Minister Farrakhan #mmm

@whatstodaysmath TheFinalCall: RT @BrotherJesse "The media from all over the world came because they expected Black men to act a fool"--Farrakhan #mmm

@alwaysmsB The world fears the RISE of Islam-Farrakhan #mmm #truth

@jazzzyone He's making 2 much sense... RT @girly1121 RT @BrotherJesse "He (Obama) is the American President, not the Black President"--Farrakhan #mmm

@jawbonin_com Evil folks r going to mix Min. Farrakhan's words like a dj on the 1s & 2s #mmm If ur smart you'll listen 4 yourself http://noi.org/webcast

@DryerBuzz @TheFinalCall Farrakhan says the Million Man March was a gathering unlike anything ever in the US or the world. #mmm

@RootsofSoul RT @nisaislam: FBI has no hard evidence connecting Osama bin Laden to 9/11-Min. Farrakhan #mmm

@_Truizm RT @BrotherJesse: "Your (America's) army can't stop God"--Farrakhan #mmm

@drgoddess True! RT @BrotherJesse: No offense to anyone, but Farrakhan can break down things like nobody else #mmm

@wombleswyrd soooo anxious to get home & listen to Farrakhan #MMM

@7Akil WORD!!! RT @BrotherJesse: The awesome message by Minister Farrakhan has come to a close. Wow! #mmm

@dariustwilliams @BrotherJesse He's preaching! You've gotta give it tot he brother

@planetMATH I'm not a big fan of Farrakhan but he's dropping science about nine eleven right now http://bit.ly/3RvYaD (via @BrotherJesse)

Exclusive Photo
A special thank you to Final Call Staff Writer Nisa Islam for this exclusive photo of the Chicago based group The Buckets Boys, who performed in the pre-program in Memphis. The group works with NOI Top Fisherman Warren 2X.


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