The Final Call Newspaper: One year after election, Obama presidency under seige

The latest edition of The Final Call Newspaper asks the question: "What Happened to Hope?"

In this edition, you will find the following:

- The latest information on the alleged gang-rape of a 15-year old White girl in Richmond, CA, with comments from some high school students who are classmates of the alleged victim.

- The latest information regarding the case of Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah who was gunned down by the FBI last week during a raid on a warehouse just outside of Detroit, MI.

- A One-on-One interview with the UK representative of the Nation of Islam, Hilary Muhammad.

Native American Elder, Chief Arvol Looking Horse speaks concerning the deaths in Sedona, AZ, along with YoNasDa LoneWolf's perspective on the misuse of the sacred sweat lodge ceremony.

....and much, much more!

Final Call Staff Highlight: Please visit the blog of Final Call Assistant Editor Ashahed Muhammad, one of my favorite journalists. Log on at: http://ashahed.blogs.finalcall.com

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