Funeral held for slain mosque leader, questions remain

By Ashahed M. Muhammad, Final Call Asst. Editor

(FinalCall.com) - Muslims from across the United States converged at the Muslim Center in Detroit, Michigan, October 31 for the Janazah prayer service and funeral for Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah.
The 53-year old leader of Masjid Al-Haqq was gunned down by FBI agents on October 28 after a raid on a warehouse just outside of Detroit.

Several subsequent raids were conducted at different locations and ten others have been arrested including the late imam's son Mujahid Abdullah (also known as Mujahid Carswell), who, according to the FBI was taken into to custody in Windsor, Ontario by Royal Canadian Mounted Police on October 29.

The FBI's 43-page affidavit detailed a federal investigation of the group which began in 2007 charging Imam Abdullah and the other defendants with running an interstate crime ring involving receiving and selling stolen goods, mail and insurance fraud, illegal possession of firearms, body armor and tampering with motor vehicle identification numbers.

According to FBI special agent Gary Leone, the evidence gained during the investigation came through visual surveillance, electronic surveillance (wire and oral) and the use of informants within the group.

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