Motivation~Ryan Leslie in the lab....It's not a game. What drives you?

by Jesse Muhammad

This post may shock some people because I don't post many music related blogs outside of Jasiri X. But I had to share this one. Well it's not new to most people since it has nearly 2,000,00 views! Lol!

First let me admit, I don't keep up with music like I used to and the people I listen to in my i-pod is a very narrow list. So anyone "new" on the scene, I am out of touch. Case and point Ryan Leslie. I had not heard his music nor did I know his story.

But last night on Twitter I posed the question: "What was the last album you bought or downloaded that was great from start to finish". I got countless responses and one of my Twitter friends(@md20737 ) shot me this video of Ryan Leslie in the lab making his song "Addiction". This brother is talented. He was working until the sun came up.

Since I am a lover of autobiographies and reading the story behind people's glory, I was inspired by seeing this video. Watch and ask yourself, are you willing to sacrifice sleep to create something great? Get in your own "lab" and produce.

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