My Monday Morning Jab: FORCE X DISTANCE=WORK

by Deric Muhammad

As salaam alaikum (Peace Be Unto You). I once read a book about a Black Panther revolutionary who loved Monday mornings. He loved Monday mornings because he believed they represented a new beginning for him; an opportunity to do this week what was undone last week. I sort of adopted this thought pattern from that book without knowing it. I feel like every Monday morning has a "starter pistol" for an alarm clock. Ready, set, GO!!!

Too often we take off after the sound of the pistol not knowing exactly where we are GOING. This is why we must start every day in prayer in meditation for GUIDANCE. Our travels must take us in the direction of our purpose. If you do not know what your purpose is in life, pray hard for such a revelation. Once you find your purpose then you must find your function within that purpose. Once you find your function you must get busy and master your craft. Mastery takes WORK!!!

There is absolutely no way around it. This means that we must be willing to practice, study and endure the grueling grind of task mastery when no one is looking. I once read where the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said that he wished that his students could see him in his role as a student when no one is looking. He spent hours upon hours practicing his radio broadcasts in the 70's. He spent hours upon hours practicing his violin, beginning at 3am every day in preparation for a performance.

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