[Video ] President Obama's statement about deadly shooting at Fort Hood Army base

According to MSNBC on November 5:

Military officials on Thursday called the mass shooting at a Texas Army base an "isolated and tragic case" and said they were unaware of increased security measures at other military bases.

"This is an isolated and tragic case and we're obviously in the process of obtaining more information as the events unfold," said Lt. Col. Eric Butterbaugh, spokesman from the Department of Defense.

Twelve people were killed and at least 31 others were injured when a soldier opened fire at the Fort Hood Army base in Texas, military officials said. One gunman wounded and taken into custody, Lt. Gen. Robert W. Cone, commanding general of the Army’s III Corps, told reporters.

Read the full report at: Military calls Fort Hood shooting ‘isolated’ case


  1. This is a senseless tragedy committed by yet another person of foreign descent. How many more people have to die? My prayers go out to all the families of the deceased, the injured and to all the soldiers at Fort Hood who have to go on with "business as usual".

  2. I think this is a sad day for the United States of America. These people choose to enter the military in effort to keep our country safe from outside terrorist, but what happens when that terrorist may be laying right next to you. Well this may have well been the case, for these fallen soldiers and the others who were wounded. I am sure no one expected a military psychiatrist to go on a shooting rampage and for what. Official are saying because he was upset he was being sent to overseas. It's one thing for us to go to war with others, but what is the military coming to when they start killing each other.


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