Virtue Today Magazine: How to find Happiness and Heal from abuse....a must read edition!

by Jesse Muhammad

There are soooo many magazines on the shelves throughout the country and it's hard to find one that is unique, fulfilling and is not saturated with half-nude or sex-related ads.

Well before you give up on the search, I ask that you give this magazine a try.

But it's really more than a magazine, it's a movement. A movement of virtue. Yes, virtue. It's called Virtue Today Magazine and it is the brainchild of publisher Audrey Muhammad.

This is not a lightweight word (virtue) nor is this a lightweight magazine. It's seriously about elevating the standard amongst our women and girls.

Ok, I won't start "preaching" (smile). But I have enjoyed reading every edition and I even had the honor of being a featured columnist in the special President Obama edition.

This issue of Virtue Today is called the "Healing issue". The cover features Erykah Badu. Would you like insight on how to find your purpose? How can you heal from abuse and move forward with your life? Would you like keys to achieve this and more? This issue is for you!

For more about Virtue Today log on to: www.virtuemag.com

Also, below is the official logo of the new Virtue Today Magazine's "Protectors of Virtue" Campaign. This is a campaign against domestic violence and child abuse. Support people like Audrey Muhammad. She is making a difference one edition at a time.

Stop the violence and abuse towards women.

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