Blogging! Final Call Staff Writer Nisa Muhammad visiting the historic site of the "Thriller in Manilla"

by Brother Jesse

Sister Nisa Islam Muhammad, Staff Writer for The Final Call Newspaper, is in the Republic of the Philippines as a guest speaker at the Global Peace Convention (GPC). The convention is being held December 10-14 under the theme “Peacebuilding for the 21st Century: Interfaith, Service and Family”.

Sister Nisa is residing in Manilla, the site of the historic "Thriller in Manilla" boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.

The GPC is an annual gathering of peace builders from around the world. It began as a result of the excitement and positive impact of the Global Peace Festivals (GPF) held throughout since 2007.

Sister Nisa is speaking on the rebuilding of the family. She is blogging and tweeting updates daily. Visit her blog at http://nisa.blogs.finalcall.com/. Follow her on Twitter at @NisaIslam

Congratulations Sister Nisa!

(Pictured above is the US delegation which includes (from right to left) Alan Inman, a consultant from New Rochelle, Dr. Jefferey Johnson, president of the National Partnership on Community Leadership in DC, Dr. Linda Malone-Colon, chair of the psychology department at Hampton University, Sister Nisa and John Breyer from Brazil. His organization is called Service for Peace and he arranges exchanges for students to do service projects in Brazil.)

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  1. As always, our FCN staff does an outstanding job in presenting the news. I admire Sis. Nisa's professionalism and representation of a Muslim woman in such an acclaimed manner.


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