Current Edition of The Final Call Newspaper: "Nation of Islam Targeted by Homeland Security"

"You've heard all of the disinformation, misinformation and surface coverage regarding the recently disclosed improperly gathered intel and subsequently disseminated information focused on the Nation of Islam. Now, get deep into it."--Ashahed M. Muhammad, Take Another Look Blog


The in depth cover story, Nation of Islam Targeted by Homeland Security, is by FCN Editor-in-Chief, Richard B. Muhammad, Senior Correspondent Askia Muhammad and Assistant Editor Ashahed M. Muhammad


CHICAGO (FinalCall.com) - Revelations that the Department of Homeland Security gathered, held and distributed intelligence information on the Nation of Islam drew condemnation from analysts and civil liberties advocates and left two Black congressmen expressing concern about whether the operation was proper.

A lawsuit filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and American Civil Liberties Union uncovered the targeting of the Nation of Islam as the advocacy groups sought information on the extent of some domestic intelligence operations.

News of the intelligence activity was carried Dec. 16 by newspapers, websites, television and radio, with such programs as the nationally syndicated Warren Ballentine Show and its host objecting to the activity.

While newspaper reports said Homeland Security improperly gathered information in 2007, as part of its speculation about who might succeed the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as leader of the Nation of Islam, a review of the documents released shows federal officials admitted holding the report beyond a specific time period and saw that as a violation. One official, however, defended the surveillance as part of the job of his division.

Read the full article at: Federal surveillance operation on leading Black movement part of a disturbing trend

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