End of the Year One-on-One with Twitter Expert and Motivational Speaker JAWAR

Brother Jesse: I finally catch up with the Twitter-pert Jawar! Please share with our readers a little about the man beyond 140 characters.

Jawar: Thank you for the opportunity to share.

I am a keynote motivational speaker, business consultant and author of over 20 paperback, e-books and audio books. As a child I stuttered; wanting to speak "normal", I stumbled upon various techniques that allowed me not only to improve my speaking, but truly find my voice in this life. With this voice I've been delivering live and video presentations that are helping to improve the way people do business and transform their personal lives for the better.

Some of my main speaking topics include personal achievement, self-motivation, self-publishing, social media and the music business.

Brother Jesse: It's amazing who I have met via Twitter. You're one of those giants with now over 18,000 followers! How long have you been using Twitter? Why do you use it?

Jawar: Thank you for the acknowledgment. My Twitter account @jawar was started in May 2008 if I'm not mistaken. However, I really started to use Twitter around October 2008.

I use Twitter for a number of reasons including research, engaging people, generating and converting business leads and sending motivational messages. Twitter helps me be a constant reminder to others in how to be "Happy, Healthy and Wealthy when you THINK, PLAN, EXECUTE!"™

Brother Jesse: What gave birth to that three-step system for success simply called "Think. Plan. Execute." How has it resonated with your clientele?

Jawar: That's a wonderful question. There was a need to share with people something relatively simple to remember that could be put to immediate use and was universal in nature. As I thought about the many inventions of men, women and my own contributions to the community in particular and society at large, it came to me that there was a system or formula that I used over and over again... "THINK, PLAN, EXECUTE!"™

This is the system I've used to organize and facilitate successful business conferences, seminars, workshops, radio shows such as Motivational Music Radio, consult with clients and write and publish several paperback, e-books and audio books. "THINK, PLAN, EXECUTE!"™ is a mental and physical science that when applied properly, will yield rewards.

Interestingly enough I held a business conference where I spoke about thinking, planning and executing. There's a video clip online now, so it all came together exactly how it was supposed to.

People have been putting the "THINK, PLAN, EXECUTE!"™ to great use. Now people see me in person or correspond with me online and share how they are in various stages of thinking, planning and executing to be happy, healthy and wealthy. It truly is an honor when people share those experiences.

Brother Jesse:
This year you released The Twitter Resource Book. I purchased a copy for myself! What has been the response to the book?

Jawar: The Twitter Resource Book was released to share with people how to use Twitter to engage, add value and bring more to the table when tweeting. Additionally, there are over 170 applications (apps) and websites that help people automate or make the best use of their Twitter experience. I have also included many of my personal Twitter Tips that have helped me gain and truly engage nearly 20,000 followers as of this interview.

The response for The Twitter Resource Book has been outstanding and getting better by the moment. Your readers may want to visit http://TwitterResourceBook.com for details on the book.

Brother Jesse: I know you plan ahead, so give us a snippet of what Jawar will be building upon in 2011....since 2010 is upon us.

Jawar: By March 27, 2011 there will be over 1,000,000 people putting "THINK, PLAN, EXECUTE!"™ to great use in both their professional and personal lives. I'm truly excited about the opportunity that we have been afforded. There are a number of speaking engagements at the community, collegiate and corporate levels that are being planned as we speak. With your help and the help of your readers, this vision and plan will become a physical reality exactly as it is.

Thank you for the opportunity to share with your readers Bro. Jesse, you are a shining light and beacon of hope. May you continue to be happy, healthy and wealthy! Hotep!

Brother Jesse: Thank you. Hotep.

(For more information on Jawar visit www.jawarspeaks.com)

**YouTube Bonus: Click here to watch Jawar speak on Social Media & Twitter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Kx6P9SPyWU


  1. Wonderful interview ... and Jawar is JUST getting started! I'm sure there's much MORE success to come.

  2. Hotep Bro. Jesse,

    Can you believe it's been nearly a year since this interview? Time has a way of moving along. Thank you again for the interview and continuing(sp) to add value to the community online and off.

    May you continue to be happy, healthy and wealthy as you "THINK, PLAN, EXECUTE!"™


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