Have you ever had a Bean Pie? Taste so good this brother can't even talk!

by Brother Jesse

You may have heard these words before, "Bean Pie, my brother?" from a member of the Nation of Islam on the street corners selling The Final Call Newspaper.

And your initial response was probably, "Bean pie?", "Is it made with real beans?", or "That sounds nasty".

Don't feel bad, I said the same thing before I first tasted one back in '93. But once I did, it was over. I have been hooked since. It is made with real navy beans and is a healthy dessert alternative to sweet potato pie, pecan pie and others. The bean pie is apart of the Nation of Islam culture.

Last year, just before the Thanksgiving holiday, Brother Hannibal Muhammad and I went door to door in an apartment complex to do a bean pie taste test. We interviewed different people as they took their first taste of the bean pie.

Watch this brother's response!

Try it yourself one day before you knock it. :-)


  1. I have never thought about trying a bean pie, really doesn't sound all that good. However, I am adventureous and will try anything once, not to mention you have very good judgement.

  2. ASA Brother Jesse a Sister inquired on when the bean pie first began to sell in the NOI?

  3. @Beloved
    WLS I was taught that it started being made and sold in 70's.


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