Janaza services held for Nation of Islam soldier Saleem Muhammad; Facebook memorial page draws hundreds

by Jesse Muhammad

According to members of the Nation of Islam that I spoke with via telephone, a huge crowd journeyed to Glendale, Arizona for the Janaza services of our beloved brother Saleem Muhammad. Janaza is the traditional Muslim funeral prayer service.

The December 12 service was marked by the presence and words of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan (HMLF).

Brother Saleem, name spelled Salim by some, was a long-time security man, chef and trusted soldier for Minister Farrakhan. Bro. Saleem could always be found right by Minister Farrakhan's side on security details. I have heard Minister Farrakhan refer to him on many occasions as "The Great Brother Saleem".

Any brother in the Fruit of Islam, the military training of the men in the NOI, who has ever interacted with Bro. Saleem will tell you he was the epitome of our training. He was versatile, proficient, sharp, genuine, giving, supportive and a lover of Islam. Bro. Saleem was serious but he had a balanced sense of humor.

So many stories can be told about him.

(Bro. Saleem pictured to the left)

An online memorial page was set up in his honor on Facebook. The purpose was for members of the NOI to share their condolences and kind words to the family of our Brother Saleem.

The idea was sparked by Dennis Muhammad. Brother Dennis served for decades as the point man in the security diamond for Minister Farrakhan as well as a captain in the great city of New York. The Facebook page idea was executed by Bro. Tijuan, a skilled multi-media genius based in Fort Worth, Texas.

"We lost a Great helper of the HMLF today and Top Soldier! He was one of the original members of the F team and the one who taught me how to be Point man! May Allah be pleased with Brother Saleem! My condolences go out to his Family! R.I.P I Love You!!", wrote Bro. Dennis via his Facebook page on December 4.

Hundreds of comments started pouring in on the memorial page and presently has 670 members. It exceeded 600 in only two days.

"I just wanted to thank everyone again on behalf of myself and Bro Capt. Dennis whom Allah put on his heart to do this project. In a little over 2 days we had over 600 believers to respond to this call out! All praises is due to Allah!! I am pleased to report that your words are being sent to our brothers family and to our minister right now as I type!", wrote Bro. Tijuan on Dec. 11 via Facebook.

Bro. Dennis desired to physically bind the comments left on the Facebook page and present a copy to Minister Farrakhan and the family of Bro. Saleem on the day of the services. It was done and here is a shot of the final product.

(Bro. Saleem memorial booklets)

A part of the Janaza services was also a special slide presentation of photos gathered by the family and comrades of Bro. Saleem. The multi-media presentation was designed by Hannibal Muhammad of Phoenix, who worked throughout the night for several days to complete it. He told me everyone enjoyed it.

Thank you Bro. Dennis, Bro. Tijuan and Bro. Hannibal for your service. Thank you to others in the NOI who contributed towards the services for Bro. Saleem.

We salute the great Bro. Saleem. We will continue to pray for his family.

Long Live Muhammad.

(Bro. Saleem pictured to the left)

(Bro. Saleem during the 2009 Eid Celebration in Phoenix. Photo by Hannibal S. Muhammad)