Political Watch: Business innovator Farouk Shami is running for Governor of Texas. Do you know his platform?

by Jesse Muhammad

When I got the news that Farouk Shami is running for Governor of Texas, I thought this was something to blog about.

I didn't know him personally. Like most of you all I have only known his brand CHI. Yes, the CHI flat iron. (women know about it more than us men: smile)

It's no mystery that people in my circle have been fed up with the politics of Texas and in this season of change ushered in by the election of President Obama, Shami represents something fresh.

He's not a career politician and plans to only take $1 a year salary if Texans vote him into office.

I didn't get my research about him from newspapers, fellow bloggers or present politicians I know.

Instead I have had the opportunity to speak with him and hear him deliver his message for myself in person on numerous occasions. I researched the history of how he built his now billion dollar corporation. His story is phenomenal, to say the least, and is what he calls "The American Dream".

Imagine yourself coming to America with only $71 in your pocket to now owning a corporation with products sold in over 100 countries. But not only is your company worth $1 billion, but it's debt free. That's part of his story. Ok, I'm boring you right? Of course not. Everyone wants to execute their personal visions. He did. (Read More Here and watch video below)

I know what you're saying, "That doesn't qualify him to be governor!"....hold your Texas horses. Here is his platform according to his official website.

Creating Texas Jobs
Shami believes that “Made in the USA ” is the strongest brand in the world. As creator of the CHI and other consumer products, he has created thousands of jobs in Texas. As governor, he says he will encourage business owners to stop sending jobs overseas and start creating jobs here in Texas. (Blogger's Note: He closed down his CHI plant in China to bring thousands of jobs back to Texas plus I personally witnessed him give a job to a man who had a felony who asked him for a second chance opportunity. Who else does that?)

Reforming Health Care
Shami says he wants all Texans to have the same opportunity he gives to his own employees. As a responsible business owner who provides health insurance benefits to his employees, Farouk says he understands how rising health care costs hurt families, businesses, and our economy. He has stated that he will not be afraid to take on the drug and insurance companies who put profits over patients.

Providing Quality Education
As governor, Farouk says he will place a priority on giving students the skills needed to compete in our global economy by emphasizing reading, writing, math, and science. He says he will leave partisan politics at the schoolyard gate.

Preserving the Environment
Farouk Shami built his business on developing environmentally friendly, ammonia-free and organic products that use few chemicals and reduce pollution. As governor, Farouk says he will encourage organic and sustainable farming and ranching

That's the platform, in brief, and you can read more on his official website.

Now before you go and make quick judgments about his chances at winning, you should read the book The Audacity to Win by David Plouffe, Obama's Campaign Manager. People didn't give Obama a chance, even his team doubted at first and look what happened.

Keep your eye on Farouk Shami who says "The day I become Governor, is the day that business as usual in Texas ends."

Will blog more soon.

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