The Hip-Hop Branding Genius of Jasiri X and Paradise Gray; "President Obama" joins the season finale

by Brother Jesse

The saying goes "all great things must come to an end" but Jasiri X is only pausing as he concludes the second season of "This Week With Jasiri X". Honestly, what Hip-Hop artist have you ever seen consistently put out weekly conscious online videos about current events that impact our daily lives?

Think hard. Real hard.

Correct me if I am wrong, but NONE!

Branding is about finding a niche. Jasiri X has found his. I watched him and his team develop quality content, gather an increasing online viewership, be consistent, market via various avenues, and address issues that other artists won't touch. Plus they are active offline.

But all of this would mean nothing without a strong work ethic. So I tip my hat to you Jasiri X, Paradise Gray and others. Because to be consistent takes discipline.

I am sure some other "big time" artist may be sitting in a smoke filled room with their executives trying to figure out how they can borrow from Jasiri X's idea. And if they do it, please remind them that Jasiri X was the first.

So blog readers....here is the season finale. (Blog applause)

President Barack Obama teams up with conscious rapper Jasiri X on a song designed to change the media’s negative portrayal of the Black man. Ballers and Rappers” was produced by Black Czer and directed by Paradise the Arkitech of X-Clan

If you missed the entire second season, please visit: http://www.realtalkxpress.com/


  1. Fantastic! Keep movin' the chains my Brother - the message of this video are absolutely on point. - Rudy

  2. Peace and love brother Jesse, thank you for your continued support and your infinite inspiration.

    Paradise Gray


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