Through the Camera Lens of Brother Jesse: My 'Hood in Black~N~White

by Jesse Muhammad

I decided to spend two hours on a Saturday riding through the neighborhood we grew up in on the Northeast side of Houston, Texas. I took hundreds of shots with my Canon Rebel XT to capture the essence of this area in black and white. These are centered around the major intersection of Homestead and Tidwell. It was on this corner that I have experienced fights after Forest Brook (my school) and Smiley rivalry football games. Both schools have now been combined into one school called North Forest High School.

On this corner sits Jack N the Box, where I got my pre-game meal before my high school basketball games. And years later this is the same corner where I have sold The Final Call Newspaper. Many more stories. Many more shots to come. Enjoy.

(The old historic Forest Brook campus)

(A back route into Homestead Village apartments)

(Much that went on growing up has not stopped on Tidwell & Crofton)

(The spot where I learned to swim and got free summer lunches)

(Tidwell...for those who know, the sign says it all)

(The legendary Homestead)

(The world famous Bro. Jessie Tae Kwon Do School. Still open)

(Heading to Crofton apartments. One of many projects)

(No major development down Homestead)

(The Homestead Metro bus stop chat)

(Homestead separates the two neighborhoods)

(A dismal shopping strip near Parker Road)

(Young brother posted up on the block)

(A cleaners adjacent to Crofton apartments)

(The sign says it all)


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