The Death of Impossible

by Deric Muhammad

There once was a stalker named “Impossible.” He followed his prey 24 hours a day; 7 days a week and labored without let-up to make people believe in him. Every time his victims called the police on him they would claim it was just “impossible” to catch him. Every time they tried to shoot him they would say he was “impossible” to hit. He doomed an entire people with the cancer of impossibility.

Then one day a genius decided that he would ignore “impossible”. Since it seemed he couldn’t be killed, arrested, convicted or locked up he decided that the best way to deal with the stalker was to become a stalker, himself. The genius became a 24/7 stalker of thought process called “possibility”. This naturally infuriated impossible and a showdown took place.

This genius and “possible” fell deeply in love. It seemed like every time they got together they produced something great. The more they produced the more confident they became in their relationship. They became stalkers of one another and “impossible” had a “hissy fit”. He soon died a natural death. He just could not live with the reality that possibility was more powerful than he.

I offer this little anecdote as a picture of what holds us back from making progress as individuals and as a people. It is the way that we think. As children we though anything was possible, including climbing a 20 story building in a red and blue Spiderman costume. Somewhere along the way grown folks introduced us to the stalker of impossibility.

No one told that youngster that you CAN climb that building. You just need a bungee cord, helicopter, crane or an elevator to do it.

What do you desire in your life that someone has told you is impossible?

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