For America to Survive, She Must Make a Real Change

by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

[The following text is taken from a message delivered by Minister Farrakhan on November 1, 1997 at Celebration's Banquet Hall in Chicago, Illinois.]

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

Tonight I would like to take as my text, “Sing Unto the Lord a New Song and His Praise from the End of the Earth.” America is in trouble. It is the greatest nation ever in the history of the world. She has the finest constitution of any government in the history of the world. She is the greatest economic and military power in the history of the world. She has everything that it takes to be the greatest nation on the earth, but she is dying from an internal rot produced by a moral decline that is taking her into the abyss of decadence.

Those of us who are preachers and teachers have to analyze our preaching, whether we are imams, rabbis, ministers, cardinals, arch-bishops or high potentates. When you see the decadence that we see everyday of our lives, of what effect is our preaching if our preaching cannot change people's hearts that they may do better? Or are we preaching a watered down Torah, Gospel and Qur'an that literally tickles the ears of the wicked and makes people satisfied in their wickedness with no pangs of conscience that they are in manifest error?

The church, mosque and synagogue have embraced what Christ, Muhammad, Moses and the Prophets of Israel cannot embrace. We can embrace the human being, but when the human being's ways are contrary to the will of God, we cannot embrace that. We can come as we are, but we can't stay as we are.

America is sick, and America needs a doctor. What is America's sickness? She started off wrong. She started off with an ideology and a philosophy that was not Christian, though she came in the name of Jesus. She started off in the name of a philosophy of White supremacy. White supremacy, as an ideology and philosophy, spawned from it a racist America and a Constitution watered with racism, so that the darker people that live in America could never feel like they are a real part of the promise of this nation.

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