NEW YEAR + OLD WAY OF THINKING = ??....You do the math

(Blogger's Note: The title of this blog is taken from a quote I put out on Twitter on New Year's Eve. This wonderful youth from Muhammad Mosque No. 45 posted this response on Facebook. I had to post it!)

by Guest Blogger Rashidah Muhammad

New Year + Old Way of Thinking = ??

I think it equals no progress in life and no effort to develop and pursue new goals that you must achieve. With an old way of thinking you're going to enter the track race AGAIN (without preparing differently), trying something new, and get last place AGAIN.

If you see, that strategy isn't working; how about trying something new (NEW WAY OF THINKING) and you will come out a winner. But you know as they say "a fool learns from his own mistakes, and a wise person learns from others."

I'm going into 2010 with a new way of thinking!

You can't be AFRAID to try something new. A person who is afraid to make mistakes, will NEVER discover. So don't be scared. If you fall down, just get back up and keep trying. That's how you become successful in life and as a person.

Where will you be when I'm sitting at the top of the world, working everyday towards a mission, a goal , an achievement, to make a difference? I hope you will be tag-teaming right beside me.

Don't get left behind, it's a scary feeling to be in the back, when everyone is in the front.. Sooo let's do it baaaabiiieeee!

* Shouts out to BRO JESSE, love the quote, and shouts out to my DAD (Isaiah Muhammad) who leads by a great example *