Nominated to receive a 2010 Dreamkeepers Award from the Black Heritage Society....I'm honored and humbled.

by Jesse Muhammad

I recently received an email from the Black Heritage Society informing me that I have been nominated as one of their 2010 Dreamkeepers Award recipients. Being a young man who respects the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, I am humbled to even be nominated.

And then when I went over to see the entire list of nominees, I was blown away even more. The list includes Nation of Islam Student Minister Robert Muhammad, Kofi Tahaka of the National Black United Front, Texas Governor candidate Farouk Shami, DeLloyd Parker of SHAPE Center, Prairie View Mayor Frank Jackson, Deric Muhammad, and Regina Kelly, whom the movie "American Violet" is based upon. The list goes on!

Everyone on this list gets my vote! Cast your vote at: www.originalmlkparade.org

The “Dreamkeepers Award" embodies the essence and continuance of Dr. King's Dream through service to your community for the betterment of mankind and the protection of Civil Rights every where!

Nominees will be honored at “The Dreamkeepers Awards Ceremony & Ball” on Friday, January 15, 2010, 7:00 P.M. at One America's Plaza, 2311 Canal St. @ Navigation St., Houston, TX 77003.

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