Through the Lens of Brother Jesse: "My Hands. Your Braids. One"

I am always rolling through the Black neighborhoods of Houston, Texas looking for moments to capture. On this particular Saturday, I was riding through the streets of Third Ward and arrived at the historic SHAPE Community Center.

I saw this sister braiding outside on the park bench. The Sun was shining. Weather was perfect. Children playing. The brother was basking in the Sun as this sister was in deep concentration.

I call this one: "My Hands. Your Braids. One"

Photo taken in Black and White with my Canon Rebel XT.


  1. A picture is worth a thousand words but all I can say at seeing this is: Us Is Beautiful.

  2. Thanks for sharing this moving beautiful pic!

  3. I see us taking care of us in this photo.

  4. Peace Bro. Jesse,

    I didn't know anyone was looking. I am the lady in this picture. It's a very beautiful shot. Thank you. follow me on twitter @Ethereal_Beauty

    Barbara E.A. Olajide


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