We had to volunteer: Haiti disaster relief efforts in Houston kicks off at the Multi-Ethnic Center

(Lump of On Da Level Marketing and Matt Alexander volunteering in Houston)

by Jesse Muhammad

I've been glued to the PC the last 24 hours reading, tweeting, blogging and donating to Wyclef's Haiti Relief Initiative. I desired to do something offline locally in Houston, but had not heard of anything going on.

Then I read a Tweet from my long-time friend Lump, who called upon us to meet him at the Multi-Ethnic Center in the southwest area at 8:00pm to drop off donations tonight. I got excited! We all met over there and walls were aligned with donations all over the place. Instead of just dropping off, we ended up staying there to volunteer for nearly two hours.

But we're not done. According to organizers at the center, there is a great need for medical supplies as well as financial donations. The donations will be shipped via FedEx planes directly to Haiti. If you would like to volunteer at the center, it is located at 9819 Bissonnet and will be open from 7am-10pm every day this week.

(Stacks of Haiti donations at the Multi-Ethnic Center in Houston )

NBUF statement on Haiti

On behalf of the Officers and Members of The National Black United Front (NBUF) I extend my deepest concern for the plight of our Sisters and Brothers in Haiti in the wake of the earthquake that rocked the island today.

We have not as of yet been able to contact the (NBUF) representative in Haiti Sister Mawiyah Duperval (pictured right). We are preparing ourselves to assist the Sisters and Brothers in Haiti in whatever way that we can. We call on all people of good will to support the people of Haiti at this time recognizing their tremendous revolutionary and spiritual history.

Kofi Taharka
National Chairman - National Black United Front (NBUF)


  1. I am pleased to see bLacks coming together for a comom cause. On television the only people helping oir brothers and sisitera are white. I know this done intentionally to show thw Black race up. The US is the reason Haiti is struggling now. You all have the right name. Black United Front. Keep on Pushing and we the Black people in Savannah Ga, is doing the same. We have been speakimg with Wyclef's wife Claudette and we are sending money through our cell phone and putting the word out to the public. Again, I liove what you are doing.

    Sister Marilyn Jackson

  2. Praise be to God! I am so happy for those of us who are doing something and that's why I am using my outlets to show that Black people are doing something. I am also praying that I will be on the grounds of Haiti soon so as a journalist I can report on the grounds that Black people is on deck!

    Thank you!


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