Weapons of Mass Instruction: Twitter Quotes to start your day off right....and make you think a little too!

by @BrotherJesse

Today on Twitter is what is called "Follow Friday". For those who are Twitter-challenged (smile), Follow Friday is the day of the week where Twitter users recommend to others who they suggest we should follow.

The reasons may vary. Personally, I have not participated in it for months because I felt I was just being ritualistic. Plus my followers don't increase on Friday, they increase when I am engaging people, dropping inspirational quotes and tweeting action in the community. So that can be any day of the week!

But I did create my first Twitter list on last night of people I enjoy following on Twitter. I will be adding more daily. Check them out and follow if you choose to. No pressure.

Here's seven of my Twitter Quotes to start your day off right....and make you think a little too:

1) "Turn down the volume on your bragging just a bit....we're trying to 'hear' your results."

2) "A rare jewel is the man and woman courageous enough to be true to themselves no matter what"

3) "Focus...review your blueprint daily. No distractions from reaching your destination #focus"

4) "Dear Excuses: We apologize in advance for not putting you to work today."

5) "You don't have to say it....let your results grab the mic. Speak results, speak."

6) "Keep your weapons of mass instruction stacked...stay low. Keep firing."

7) "The #1 recession-proof job in America: Haters....I hear u keeping them employed. Is that true?"

Bonus: "Memo: You're only as powerful as the moments you're being authentic. Be true to yourself"

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  1. I love #7! thanks for the great quotes.

  2. The key to haters is to use them as inspiration. Love the quote! Like Katt Williams said dont trip on haters, get you some more. You be judge of what you do with them, if they get mad you must be doing something right. You ever wonder about why a person living in a mansion, driving a mercedes, making a hundred grand a year, finds the time to hate on a person driving a pinto, living in a shack and on welfare? Just something to think about!


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