Creative Pause~Sade releases new album after a decade....calling all soldiers of love.

This is not an album review just an observation. I know you have already heard that the legendary singer Sade has returned after a decade of being out of the spotlight. I have been excited about the release of this album and you will rarely hear me say I am a fan of someone's music.

But yes I am a fan of Sade.

Matter of fact, I saw her perform live in the '90s when I was in high school at the Woodlands Pavilion. The show was amazing and I still have that ticket stub in my high school senior yearbook. It's a collector's item for real.

I went to purchase my copy of the Soldier of Love album the day it was released on Feb. 9 and it has been on repeat since. I also read the interview Sade did recently in the New York Times and she stated:

“I love writing songs. But then, going beyond that, I find it a little bit difficult, the sort of opening myself up to everything that’s attached to it in the music business generally, the expectations and pressures that are put onto you. Some people love all of the trimmings and everything that comes with that. But I happen to not be one of those people.”

That's an interesting statement. Then I finally watched the video for the single Soldier of Love and I could not help but smile. Reason being I saw alot of military movements in the video that reminds me of our drill movements in the Nation of Islam to go along with fraternity style stepping exhibited by her dancers. The end of the video reminded me of the famous 1968 Olympics Black Power salute.

Here is the Soldier of Love video:

Now here are few clips of the Fruit of Islam, true soldiers of love, drilling:

Wow, watching these videos is getting me even more excited about heading to Chicago at the end of this month for Saviours' Day 2010. You get to see hundreds of thousands of soldiers of love all in one place. Soldiers who love to push the Final Call Newspaper. Female soldiers who love to uplift their fellow sisters in the community.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches that love is not an emotional feeling but love is duty. Are you a true soldier of love?

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  1. Brother Alton Muhmmad is the one drilling those young brothers from New York. His story will be told one day.

    Check out the film The Fall of america only $1.99 for video on demand. There's a free 2 minute clip.

  2. Peace! Yes Bro. Alton is a soldier!


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