My Final Days in Portland: 4th Annual Youth Summit rocks and my encounter with Mount Tabor

I returned safely to Houston from Portland, Oregon early Monday morning. Since I have been back everyone has been asking "What happened to the other blog updates?"

From the moment I posted that Day 1 update, the trip was action-packed and I took a lot of time away from the PC to shoot photos. Well not a whole lot of time, but you know what I mean. (smile) The weather was still great so I had to continue putting my new Canon EOS 40D to work.

So here is the recap:


On Day 2 it was time for the 4th Annual Youth Summit held at Portland State University. The summit is spearheaded by Imani Muhammad, who launched it in memory of her slain student Davonte Lightfoot. The summit kicked off with a welcome from youth organizers and they allowed all of us as presenters to introduce ourselves and the theme of our workshops.

The title of my workshop was "Mediocrity is Not in Your D.N.A." and I shared a room with Carl Thomas of Oregon State. He did his workshop on preparation for life after high school and college preparation.

Other workshops were presented by DeAngelo Raines, Karanja Crews, Mic Crenshaw, Desmond Spann, Renee Mitchell, Erica Tucker, Darlene Solomon, and Madgesdiq. Their topics included Hip Hop, Real Talk, Real Love, How to become a leader, and Art Not Crime. We all did two 40-minute sessions. The attendees then held a feedback session to share their thoughts on what they learned and recommendations on improving the conference.

The summit was brought to a close by an insightful lecture delivered by Professor Griff of the legendary group Public Enemy. The evening ended with a Youth Talent Showcase.


I spent part of the morning shooting pictures from the balcony of the place I stayed at for the weekend. There was plenty of scenery to capture. I decided to zero in on the rain drops still hanging from the rail. This is what 55-250mm lens produced.

Ms. R then took me over to see one of the Nike Outlets located on MLK Blvd. Yes, on MLK!

And finally: my encounter with Mount Tabor. We went there to hike along with two of her good friends. Mount Tabor is an extinct volcano but it will actively have your leg muscles burning like lava! The hike was steep in spots. Thank goodness for the conversation that made it go by fast.

We closed the day out by going on a visit to the Art Institute of Portland where Ms. R is a professor. She even gave me homework to bring back with me to Houston!

This was an awesome trip. I will be posting video footage of my workshop presentation soon plus many testimonies I got on my evaluation sheets.

More to come.

--Brother Jesse Muhammad


  1. Great post. Feels like I was the conference too!! Great Pictures too.

  2. Very Nice Bro...........

  3. Glad you all like the pics! I had a great time!

  4. Sis. Treshe' MuhammadJune 29, 2010 at 12:57 AM

    Brother Jesse, I truly admire your works!!!! You have on the full armor of ALMIGHTY GOD ALLAH!!! You inspire me to keep striving to be greater and greater!!! May ALLAH continue to bless you and your family!!!! ASA



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