New York's Proposed Dangerous Vaccination Laws - No Parental Consent Required

Does NY State own Our Children?

by Kevin A. Muhammad

The State of New York has proposed three pieces of legislation that will absolutely transform New Yorkers into abject peasants-removing from residents their innate and God-given parental authority...

If enacted into law, Bills S4779 and A6702, will permit "ALL present and future vaccines and drugs for sexually-transmitted diseases" to be given to children WITHOUT parental consent. Neither will parents know that their children received highly-potent vaccines. There is yet more!

In addition, Bill A0778, if enacted, will force all school children in 6th grade to receive HPV(human papillomavirus vaccines. Gardasil and Cervax vaccines are currently the major HPV vaccines on the market. Both vaccines are linked to thousands of injuries and many fatalities...


(Kevin A. Muhammad is a researcher and author. He recently released his latest book titled "Against Compulsory Vaccination: A Long Train of Abuses and Usurpations(Vol. 2)" about the origin, enforcement, and consequences of vaccination. For more information log on to www.kamuhammad.net or meet him at Saviours' Day 2010)

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