Saviours' Day: Heaven on Earth

by DeAndrea X

My plane touched down to a blanket of freshly fallen snow. The ice cold air bit my cheeks as I fondled around baggage claim for my things. I hopped on my hotel shuttle and got snuggled into a corner as I made my way from the airport to my hotel. I looked out the window very bright eyed and excited.

I had never really been in the snow. I was amazed at the beautiful brick structures of downtown Chicago. We arrived at my humble hotel. I got my things to my room and fell back on the bed and just looked at the ceiling. I can’t believe I made it. My first Saviours’ Day.

I opened up the curtains of my window and took in every bit of the city. Dirty snow lined the streets as taxis lined up in front of the lobby downstairs. Little bundled people waddled down the streets with steaming cups of coffee and tea. I could hear the rumbling of the train as it passed by. The cold air from the window began to seep through the glass. I closed the curtains and began to unpack … I can’t believe I’m here. I made it to Chicago to hear the Minister. My heart was filled with so much joy. I think I might have cried into my luggage as I pulled out my garments for the next day.

That would be the first of many trips to Chicago. As a baby Muslim my favorite part of being at Saviours’ Day was just being around the believers. It was the one time of year where there would literally be thousands of us gathered in one spot. We were all well dressed and well mannered. Every where you turned there was heartfelt greeting of peace and paradise…like heaven on earth…

“As Salaam Alaikum Sister!”….. “ Wa Alaikum Salaam!”


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