The Southwest Region welcomes dynamic Student Minister Nuri Muhammad

(Nuri Muhammad greets young males at Cleme Apartment complex in Houston)

by Jesse Muhammad

After speaking at over one hundred different venues last year, Student Minister Nuri Muhammad is in full gear in 2010 as he strives to deliver the life-giving message of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to the masses throughout the country.

During a recent visit to the Southwest Region of the Nation of Islam (NOI), he was a guest speaker in three cities in Texas. His mini-tour kicked off in Austin on January 22 with a keynote address to NOI members and the community.

On January 23, Brother Nuri headed east to Houston, the SW Regional headquarters, to speak three times in two days. That same day he electrified 5th Ward residents at Cleme apartment complex during a community day event coordinated by the outreach ministry of Muhammad Mosque No. 45.

“This is our whole objective. That you all will begin to take a path that we have taken to better ourselves,” said Eugene Muhammad, as he introduced the visiting speaker from Indianapolis. “He is dedicating himself and his time, so I hope that you all will be inspired by him.”

With residents sitting in chairs in the grass and listening from their porches, Bro. Nuri paralleled the potential of the human being with the way small ants operate below their feet. [see YouTube clip below]

If you and I would study the ant and adopt the characteristics of the ant, we will be able to solve every problem that is plaguing our people at this current moment,” said Bro. Nuri.

He further said “if you notice, ants can be found always working. There is no envy or jealousy amongst the ants. They work in unity. The ant is not worried about what other ant is not doing. What if Black people operated like that?”

Following his message, Bro. Nuri greeted the residents as they lined up to receive free meals prepared by sisters of the local mosque. He took a trek to Missouri City to visit The Elevated Places School during their annual read-a-thon. That evening, he was invited to address the future generation on the grounds of Muhammad Mosque No. 45 for ‘Youth Night Out”

A near capacity audience received another thunderous message on January 24 at the mosque as Bro. Nuri emphasized the importance of everyone not only achieving individual success but also embracing the electricity found in teamwork. He reinforced that message in Dallas on January 25.

[Read more about this in an upcoming edition of The Final Call Newspaper]

Note: Photos below of the event at Cleme Apartments in Houston on Jan. 23

(Residents at Cleme Apartment complex in Houston receiving free meals)

(Sisters of Muhammad Mosque No. 45 serving the residents of Cleme Apartments)

(Children playing as event co-organizer Eugene Muhammad passes by working)

(Brian 3X aka "DJ X" provided music for the residents)

(Student Asst. Minister Eric Muhammad greets the residents)

(Children playing at Cleme Apartment complex in Houston)

(A little girl at Cleme Apartment complex)

(Nuri Muhammad and William T. Muhammad)

(Young males listening to Bro. Nuri speak.)


  1. Absolutely Beautiful. Go 'head Bro Nuri and fellow Believers!

  2. Absolutely Beautiful. Go 'head Bro Nuri and fellow Believers!


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