Black Civil Rights icon Dorothy Height remains in hospital in stable condition

We know her as the godmother of the civil rights movement and at this moment she needs our prayers.

According to news reports, Black icon Dorothy Height is in serious but stable condition in the intensive care unit at Howard University Hospital in Washington,D.C., as she recovers from a bout with an illness.

According to the National Council of Negro Women's website, Ms. Height has been on the battle field of the civil rights movement since 1933, the same year she became a leader of the United Christian Youth Movement of North America. "It was during this period that Height's career as a civil rights advocate began to unfold, as she worked to prevent lynching, desegregate the armed forces, reform the criminal justice system and for free access to public accommodations," the website states.

Ms. Height has received awards and citations including the John F. Kennedy Memorial Award, Congressional Black Caucus - Decades of Service, President Ronald Reagan - Citizens Medal, Franklin Roosevelt - Freedom Medal, Camille Cosby World of Children Award, National Women's Hall of Fame and President Bill Clinton - Presidential Medal of Freedom.

We love and appreciate you Ms. Height. We pray for your speedy recovery and thank you for your decades of service and sacrifice....we as young people need to step it up more.

Know your history people.

--Brother Jesse

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  1. No words can can do the Real Justice in our being Appreciative To Al Might GOD ALLAH For Such An Godly Woman We Are Forever Thankful For Our "God~Mother" We Make The Connection and We Pray For The Full Recover Health And Strength of Our Beloved Sister Warrior, The Bonding Glue Of God Himself our God Mother* Dorthy Height May The Favor And Blessings Of ALLAH Be With Her Always!
    Thank You Brother Jesse For Your Most Informative Reporting Message


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