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This is so dang sickening!....it was hard for me to read these stories all the way through in The Final Call Newspaper series titled "Sins of the Fathers" written by Ashahed Muhammad.

But heck, imagine being one of these victims!

Matter of fact, one of you reading this blog may have been a victim or you are still being victimized.

But you've been silent. Hoping that it would just go away out of your mind. You may be a billionaire, a rap star, a dancer, an entrepreneur, an educator, a glamorous model, a body builder, a loving wife or even a husband but something like this may have happened in your past that you don't want anyone to know about.

What's the secret? That you're a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of a priest who fondled with your private parts, made you perform acts against your will and then had the nerve to try to teach you about being Godly from the pulpit.

You might be like 42-year-old Black man David Nolan of Chicago who told of how his sexual experience with a Catholic priest began at age nine. He reported it to the Chicago police only to be called a LIAR! Dang shame.

No one cares about young Black boys being molested, but I'm reading in the news everyday how holy hell is being raised by White victims being sexually abused,” said Mr. Nolan.
David Nolan

Maybe your sexual nightmare parallels the story of Reginald Montgomery who went from being homeless to living inside the rectory of the church because he had found what he saw as a "father figure" in a Catholic priest. He was awaken one night to hands rubbing on his body and was raped by that same priest.

"He was standing there in his underwear. He just did what he wanted. I tried to get him off me, but he was stronger than me. He actually raped me,” said Mr. Mongtomery.

Dang man.

Maybe you're a Black woman like Alicia Sample of Chicago who told The Final Call about a six-year ordeal in which she was used as a teen sex slave, gang raped, sodomized and physically beaten regularly by another Catholic priest and others, at his behest.

She was even pulled out of class at times to perform oral sex for this very same priest, his fellow friends and even some students. They would penetrate me sometimes with objects, they would anally rape me,” said Alicia.

THIS WOMAN WAS EVEN FORCED TO HAVE SEX WITH HER OWN BROTHER! She even attempted to kill herself and her sons at one time because of all of this but by God's Grace she is now 47 years old but still trying to heal.


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  1. As humans we all have faults and God will have the final say. I'm sure things has happened in Islam like this, but wait a minute you guys are not even a form of Islam. Not even recognized by any school of Islam.


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