SAVING VICTIMS! IN-CERT Disaster Preparedness training continues in Houston

Jesse O'Quinn demonstrating head-to-toe assessments
The disaster preparedness training class by Houston IN-C.E.R.T. the last three sessions delved into Disaster Medical Operations along with Search & Rescue. In this particular class, Houston firefighter Jesse O'Quinn (pictured above) showed us how to conduct head-to-toe assessments. According to our CERT manuals, the first steps that you will take when working with a victim will be to conduct a triage and rapid treatment. After all victims in an area have been triaged CERT members can conduct a thorough head-to-toe assessment of the victims condition.

What is the purpose of the assessment? To determine as clearly as possible the extent of injuries, determine what type of treatment is needed and to document injuries.

Look for what is called "the killers"--such as airway obstruction, excessive bleeding, and signs of shock. In a more thorough assessment look for bruising, swelling, severe pain, and disfigurement. Pay careful attention--look, listen and feel for anything unusual. Check body parts from top to bottom. Always remember the victim has the right to refuse treatment.

We broke off into groups to conduct head-to-toe assessments on persons suffering from a particular injury or condition such as hypothermia, nasal problems, splinting, and even a big object in the chest! You would be amazed to see how you can wrap up injuries with box full a seemingly useless junk! Lol.

I cannot stress enough how valuable this training is in this day and time. Get yourself prepared. IN-CERT director Khallid Greene and the team also just returned from doing a three-day training in Austin. So if you want them to come to your city please call Shandenia Gay @ 713-294-7331 and visit the website at www.in-cert.com.

More updates coming on this training we're receiving!

--Brother Jesse

(All photos by Jesse Muhammad)



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