The Soul of the Ancestors: The Marcus Garvey Liberation Garden breaks ground in Houston

[Breaking Ground!]

The rememberence of our ancestors is important and ownership of land is also.

On this past Sunday, February 28, Divine Leaders Inc. and The Shrine of the Black Madonna #10 of the Pan-African Orthodox Christian Church partnered to break ground on The Marcus Garvey Liberation Garden in Houston adjacent to the Shrine Cultural Bookstore.

According to Divine Leaders COO, Cavanaugh Nweze, this gardening and food co-op program will benefit our community by decreasing the amount of money a family spends on food which simultaneously decreases the transfer of wealth (for the purchase of that food) to entities outside our community.

"Participating volunteers will learn the many advantages of organic urban gardening as well as how to maintain an organic garden," he says.

He further notes that "The Marcus Garvey Liberation Garden and Food Co-op Program will provide supplemental groceries for struggling senior citizens and single- parent households who currently live below the poverty line."

Interested individual or organization can help advance the goals of the garden and food coop program in three different ways. A volunteer can either become a Land Cultivator, Financial Contributor, or an Earth Saver. Land Cultivators are those who donate their manual labor for the advancement of the purpose of the garden and coop program. Financial Contributors will be those who donate funds for the advancement of the garden and food coop program. An Earth Saver is anyone who brings their recyclable paper goods to the recycle bin at the Shrine of the Black Madonna sanctuary located at 5317 Martin L. King Blvd., Houston, TX 77021.

"It is truly a blessing to be able to see this idea blossoming into a great institution within our community! We want to give a tremendous amount of thanks to our sponsors; Jaramogi Kimathi, Sankofa Naturals, Melodrama Boutique, Clyde and Kamaria McNeil, Cheryl Thomas, and Jaha Kadirifu," said Cavanaugh Nweze.

For more information about The Marcus Garvey Liberation Garden and Food Coop Program please visit Divine Leaders Blog or follow on Twitter @DivineLeaders

Congrats and thank you to Divine Leaders and the Shrine of the Black Madonna.

--Brother Jesse

[Photos courtesy of Turk Photography]

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