Determination: She cursed me out but I kept on pushing The Final Call newspaper

I was still in high school when it happened and I just could not believe this woman cursed me out!

I had just joined the Nation of Islam and was on the corner of Homestead and Tidwell, a popular block on the Northeast side of Houston. It was summer time but I only had one wool suit so I braved the heat because I already knew in my heart that this newspaper I was about to push was the best and provided life to our people.

That paper was and is The Final Call newspaper.

Although this was my first time going out, I wasn't nervous for two reasons. The first reason was I was out there with two veteran F.O.I. brothers who encouraged me and secondly I grew up in that neighborhood so my face was familiar. Matter of fact my former high school, Forest Brook, was just two minutes away.

I stepped out in to the street, held up the paper and yelled "Final Call!" It seemed like the light stayed green forever because nobody was stopping. One man even ran the red light after he saw me walking up to the car. I thought to myself "I'm not going to sale any at this rate".

Then it happened. A red light caught this one car and she made eye contact with me. I got excited and walked over to her vehicle. Before I could get my words out she screamed "Get yo Black brainwashed so and so away from my car you dumb young so and so!" (Note: you get the point)

My natural 'hood instincts wanted to yell back at her and talk bad about the rollers in her hair. But in that instant a voice in my head reminded me that we're out here to be saviors of our people and not to attack nor condemn them. So I calmed down, hit her with a beaming smile and said "Thank you so much maam. You have a wonderful Saturday. God bless you Black woman".

She looked at me in disbelief and shot off once the light turned green.

I was honestly a little discouraged. I looked over at the two veteran brothers and they seemed to be selling papers like Big Macs. I was over there standing by the Shipley Donuts wondering if I would sale just one.

I went back out into the street, kept smiling and keep making no sales. A few moments later the same woman who cursed me out came back to my side of the street and waved her hand to get my attention. I hesitated.

I walked over to her and she said "Little man I apologize for talking to you like that. I am just having a bad morning. I lost my job yesterday so I didn't mean to take it out on you. But I am amazed that you did not curse back at me and not let me get under your skin. Here is a dollar, give me one of those papers."

I said "Thank you sister". My first sale was made.

I undoubtedly know that every F.O.I. in the Nation of Islam has a story like this and even more. We can write volumes of books. Pushing this paper has taught me so much in terms of character, salesmanship, patience, endurance and customer service. And years later I still love The Final Call newspaper.

So I ask you, "Would you like a Final Call?"

Please don't curse me out. (smile)

--@Brother Jesse

Here is the cover of the latest edition.

Inside you will find:
Coverage of the Black community's response to the brutal rape of a 7-year old in Trenton, New Jersey. On the ground coverage by the FCN's Saeed Shabazz and Nisa I. Muhammad.

Coverage of the victory for a prisoner in Louisiana who had previously been denied access to his Final Call subscription. This is taking place in many prisons across the U.S. A.

Reflections on Sister Wauneta LoneWolf's life from her daughter, YoNasDa Lonewolf.
And much, much more!

Read more at www.finalcall.com


  1. I see the brothers of NOI out a lot here in Atlanta. They are usually on Old National/Flat Shoals or Riverdale Road and I'm always so proud of their commitment to community and they are always well groomed, polite and respectful. I actually like to see them out.

  2. @KIM

    Thank you for the encouraging words and support of the F.O.I. in Atlanta!!!


  4. Brother Jesse,

    You are a natural writer. I'm serious. They can't teach what you have. They can't.

    You have a God-given ability to tell stories that empower folks. What you did, by "killing her with kindness" is similar to something that happened to me in February. I ran into a classmate from 2nd grade, whom I hadn't seen in almost 19 years. Surprisingly enough, she remembered me before I could remember her. She was still mocking me and teasing me, but I still complimented her. My compliment brought her back to Earth and made her feel bad about what she did.

    This is a lesson that ALL MEN, of all colors, need to know. You can still be a gentleman even when our sisters aren't acting like ladies.

  5. @ZACK

    I appreciate the compliment brother. Striving to get better.

    Thank you for sharing your "Final Call Moment" in your own way :-)..

    PS: Love your blog!!

  6. Peace, this story is so wonderful, for new believers and old alike. The FOI have a serious job/post when they are out with the Final Call Newspaper. The brothers are so beautiful to see. I know for me, the brothers bring an atmosphere of power, dignity, and security to the neighborhood. So thank you to every FOI and every Jr. FOI, you are truly brave hearts, paving the way of Freedom, Justice, and Equality which is Islam. APDTA

  7. Peace and Blessings.....

    Great Story Bro. Jessie!! I know EXACTLY the corner where you are talking about, and I could "Visualize" the entire encounter!! Thats was a great lesson learned on many levels as you said.

    Another thing also, is that Our(Black)People have a tenency to "Argue" and "Test" your Knowledge and Belief-System simply (as a Believer) because DEEP DOWN inside they just wanna "KNOW THE TRUTH!!!" So although they haggle with The Believers on the suface level.....the crave The Supreme Wisdom of THEM under The Leadership of THLF.

    Keep'em coming!! I'm Inspired!!

  8. Salaam Bro Jesse. I had a similar experience the first time I went out and I have to say. Delivering the Final Call newspaper makes you tough as nails, and shows the love and dedication we have to our people thank you for this story.

  9. @SisterSharon ASA! Thank you for the wonderful comment.

    @Bro. Mark You are so on point with that analysis brother. We just have to maintain the posture of a saviour and we can penetrate the minds and hearts! You just inpired me more!

    @Bro.Raymond "tough as nails" is 1000% correct!!! Thank you for the feedback.

  10. Salaam Bro. Jesse, Thank you for sharing this. Though I am a sister and do not go out on the corners, when we were working the Exodus program I did have the opportunity to go door-to-door with the Final Call and the most exhilarating moments were turning no's into yes's. it can get tough, but when you know you have the truth it gives you the strength and courage to face it all. Continue with your God-given talent of writing..millions are watching (reading)...smile

  11. Final Call is what you people need to fear.

  12. You want the infidels money...We are the great Satan...Go Please go live under Sharia Law for 2 years ...Lets see how you feel when you come back...or don't come back even better. Stop preying on the poor you fools.


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