Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, Rev. Al Sharpton and Peace Keepers to lead rally for 7-year-old gang rape victim in Trenton

**April 6 UPDATE: Coordinators of this rally announced today that Jay-Z has not fully confirmed to be in attendance. But STILL go!***

I received several news alerts this morning announcing that rapper Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, Rev. Al Sharpton, Peace Keepers founder Dennis Muhammad, Wise Intelligent of The Poor Righteous Teachers and more will be rallying this Saturday in Trenton, NJ in support of a 7-year-old gang rape victim.

According to news reports, a teenage girl in New Jersey is accused of selling her 7-year-old sister for sex.

The Trenton Police Dept. reported that the 15- year-old girl was invited to a party on March 28 at an apartment by some men she knew. Her little sister came along with her.

Both of them went up to the 13th-floor apartment where a group of men paid the older girl in exchange for sex with her little sister. The young girl was reportedly gang-raped while her older sister observed. To date, two adults and three juveniles have been charged.

The 'Stop the Violence' rally is scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 10 at 7 p.m. at the Lighthouse Outreach Ministry. The rally is free and open to the public. Tickets will be available at the Lighthouse Outreach Ministry (715 Bellevue Ave.) starting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, March 6.

During a press conference, Trenton Mayor Douglas Palmer,“We are not finished, because everyone that was responsible is still not arrested. The police will not rest until we get every individual that’s involved in this.”

This New Jersey gang-raping occurred one day after Russell Simmons joined forces with Dennis Muhammad to launched The Peace Keepers campaign in Brooklyn and Queens, where Simmons grew up. The Peace Keepers movement works to deter violence by maintaining a consistent and strong presence of men focused on protecting their communities for only one hour a week. According to Tweets by Russell Simmons, Hip Hop artist Jay Electronia has also agreed to go to Trenton this weekend to help launch the campaign in that area. For more information about The Peace Keepers email enotaproject@aol.com or call 1.888.508.0883.

If you're in Trenton, take a stand on this Saturday.

One Hour Of Doing Something Is Better Than 24 Hours Of Nothing!


  1. I hate that something this evil happened but I'm glad that people are joining forces to make sure that justice is served for the little girl. I hope her sister is also charged and thrown in jail for being an accomplice to rape - for at least a decade.

  2. This is good yet I still question how media makers such as Uncle Rush & Jay Z ignore the correlation between music that promotes hypersexuality, misogyny, drug activity and all manner of anti-human behavior and acts of violence and hate in our community.

    Media affects our behavior and media moguls need to take more responsibility over what they create and promote. At least Jay Electronica adds a dose of knowledge of self to his rhymes--Jay Z still talkin about selling crack and how "B's" aren't one of his 99 problems.

  3. The dudes deserve more than jail time. Big ups to everyone at least trying to do something!

  4. @freez I agree with your comment wholeheartedly but I can't be mad at them for at least doing something about this. I think it needs to be done MORE. At least Russell is backing this Peace Keepers program although people keep calling him hypocritical....but my question is what is most of our Black organizations doing? A lot of them are DEAD.

  5. Until we unify on a consistent basis this kind of madness will continue. I love the Peace Keepers concept!

  6. That poor child! KILL THEM ALL!

  7. Man, my question is where is this girl's dad, uncle, male cousins, etc? Where are the men in the family at? THEY SHOULD KILL THEM!

  8. This reminds me of the words by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad when he said "All no good women was made no good by a no good man"

    This young girl is destroyed and ONLY God will be able to heal her from this. But it is going to be hard. Think about how they have destroyed her potential to be a great woman. These men should be punished severely. This is sad and sickening.

  9. Big ups to Jay, Rush, Wise, Capt Dennis, Jay Electronica and the Peace Keepers....keep the heat on.


  10. Both of these young girls need counseling...please don't forget that aspect. This is psychological damage that has plagued us as Black women for centuries. We are destroyed by our men and by ourselves.

  11. this is heartbreaking...

  12. Once again this is NOT NEW...happening all of the time....we need Peace Keepers here in CHICAGO ASAP!


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