The Last Dragon: "There is one place you have not looked"

I have to be honest, the first three months of 2010 has been great and challenging at the same time. But it is those challenges that make life so meaningful. It affords us the opportunity to show what we're really made of. An opportunity to show and prove if what we say from our lips is truly in our hearts. An opportunity to manifest the nature of self---which is unlimited greatness. That's what the Creator put within us all.

So what is the problem? What is holding us back?

I am a self-proclaimed movie addict. But I am not one to run to the theater to see the latest movie as soon as it comes out. Rather I am the type who frequently goes to stores like Half-Price Books to purchase what I consider "classics with messages". The other week, for some strange reason, I was in search of The Last Dragon. Remember that one?

I couldn't find it anywhere so I decided to just watch it in portions on YouTube.

This particular clip is the last battle between Bruce Leroy and Sho'Nuff. Sho'Nuff is beating him up while yelling "Who is the Master?". At the same time Bruce Leroy is trying to find a source of strength. As he is being submerged into the water, a clip of his master teacher comes up saying:

"There is one place you have not looked--and it is there, only there you shall find the master"

From there Bruce Leroy turns within to manifest that which was in him to defeat his opponent. His innate powers came forth. What opponent are you facing right now? Is it fear, laziness, disorganization, poor health, lack of focus or maybe deadlines?

So while we're looking for the next book on the shelf, the next text message, the next Tweet, or the next Facebook post just to hype us up this week....why not try the place you have not looked---within yourself.

Become a master at what you're doing.

---Brother Jesse

PS: This movie is hilarious!! (smile)