Recap::: Mathaba News International Anti-Censorship Discussion with Adam King, Ashahed Muhammad, Stephen Lendman and Peter Hartung

Have you ever heard of Mathaba News Agency? If not you should. M.AT.H.A.B.A. means "Media Active To Help All Become Aware" and also ""Meet And Talk, Helping All Become Aware." I have become an avid reader of the website and I love the revolutionary content of the editors.

The main reason for this post is to inform you about a very important international online forum that Mathaba's Editor Adam King moderated on the topic of Anti-Censorship on April 3. The panel included Ashahed M. Muhammad, Executive director of the Truth Establishment Institute and Assistant Editor of The Final Call Newspaper; Stephen Lendman, a Mathaba Analyst researching and writing on human rights, vital world and national topics; and Peter Hartung, the director of the Adelaide Institute.

Below is the link to full replay of that online discussion. Click below to read. And I also wanted to just quote a few comments made by each panelist. If you're blogging, tweeting, facebooking, etc and is unaware of global censorship, take the time to read more than the latest celebrity gossip. A war is going on. Information is warfare.

"In America, besides major media self-censorship that gets more and more extreme, bills have been introduced in Congress to control or even seize the Internet, take it over or shut it down for national security, the usual bogus reason"--Stephen Lendman
"I believe that those involved in censorship (such as the ADL) know that they are being hypocritical but don't care. They simply want to censor ideas and views that they dislike. Those who desire to censor in that way are pernicious foes of freedom."--Ashahed M. Muhammad
"The number of people who will stand up on these issues is quite small, most people will agree with our right to free speech, but do nothing about it when men such as Dr Toben are sent to jail. In the mass media, he is made to look the bad one"--Peter Hartung
"Indeed, Wars, and even the imprisonment of people like Dr Toben, and so many other human rights violations, would not occur, if people were properly informed. So i think we can agree that alternative and independent media with effective distribution and technology, is a key factor and requirement for positive change."--Adam King

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