Talking race, religion and politics in "The Upper Situation Room"

I never formally announced in a blog post to my readers that I was invited to be a guest blogger on the Houston Chronicle's Houston Belief website. Although many of you helped me to select the title and I thank you. (smile) The theme of my blog is: Talking race, religion and politics in "The Upper Situation Room"

According to Houston Belief web producer Kate Shellnutt:
HoustonBelief is always looking for contributors who can help represent Houston’s diverse groups of people and faiths. Writing as a member of the Nation of Islam, Jesse Muhammad adds to the traditions represented on our site. He’s a local blogger who’s already made a name for himself writing about issues in the Black community, so I think he’ll be able to start meaningful conversations about race and religion on HoustonBelief.
I have received a very warm welcome from several of the other bloggers and I thank them. Also after I posted my first blog, I was unsurprisingly attacked. Since I am not one to give emotional responses, I decided to address it in my latest blog posted on April 26. Let me know your thoughts.

The Nation of Islam is a hate group? Not!

Let’s step into “The Upper Situation Room”, sit down at the table and discuss hate for a second.

If you have received your education about the Nation of Islam from the media, then more than likely you have heard we’re accused of being a hate group. I guess we can thank the misguided researchers at the Southern Poverty Law Center, the heads of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the FBI, the CIA, mainstream media and others for their contributions to this outright recycled lie.

Yes, it is a lie.

We could argue this point with volumes of information but I only want to provide you with these two points to show that we are not a hate group and that the true haters and terrorists do not belong to the Nation of Islam under Minister Farrakhan.

Point #1: A White Judge rules that The Muslim Program is not racially inflammatory

After I posted my first blog on this website, I was unsurprisingly attacked as a “blogger of hate” plus someone wrote the Chronicle Editors to ask that I be removed from Houston Belief on the grounds that an aspect of our belief system is racially inflammatory. This individual says that The Muslim Program, which appears on the inside back cover of every edition of our newspaper The Final Call, is racially inflammatory.

I am sorry to disappoint you, but you must not have heard the latest news out of Louisiana wherein a White U.S. District Judge said otherwise.

Yes, he is White.


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  1. My two favorite subjects: Religion and Politics, with economics being the third. In fact, RETHINKING RELIGION was my favorite subject in law school next to Constitutional Law. I look forward to supporting your blog. Assalamu Alaikum.


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