Tiger Woods' new Nike commercial features late father asking 'Did you learn anything?'

I was reading through some tweets and came across this Twitter message posted by Houston-based Pastor Rudy Rasmus (@PastorRudyR):
"The Church can learn a few things from sporting equip giant Nike. You gotta see the new Tiger Woods ad featuring words from his deceased dad"
Pastor Rudy is someone I highly respect so naturally I wanted to see exactly what he was referring to. I googled "Tiger Woods New Nike Commercial" and saw numerous posts with headlines including the name of his late father Earl Woods, who passed away in 2006.

I have not and will not talk about Tiger's controversial affairs on my blog because you're not short of any other sites discussing it. But I did want to post this .30 second commercial that has Tiger staring into the camera as his father's voice says:

“Tiger, I am more prone to be inquisitive. To promote discussion. I want to find out what your thinking was. I want to find out what your feelings are. And did you learn anything?

.....at that point the camera zooms in on Tiger's serious expression before flashing the Nike logo. Check out the ad for yourself and then I have a few questions for you.

Ok, let's start the discussion.

As for me, I am a brother who just found out last year who my biological father is and he is deceased. I will never have a chance to hear his voice in a father-son dialogue. So this short ad produced a lot of thoughts for me about the bond between a father and a son. This commercial even made me think about Michael Jordan and his late father. But I plan to ask Pastor Rasmus what he meant in his tweet.

Now, please share your thoughts.

Do you see it as just another marketing chess move by Nike to make Tiger's return to the Masters even smoother? Did you agree with using his father's words as a voiceover? Do you think this was personal for Tiger or straight business?

--Brother Jesse


  1. Nobody is perfect people...please leave Tiger alone. I personally do not think Tiger would exploit his father's voice just for marketing....c'mon some people need to give him more credit than that. Thanks for the post brother jesse

  2. Great commercial....touching to me

  3. It was kind of weird to me....i am still trying to figure out when was that recorded???????

  4. @Lisa I was wondering the same thing....but I still like the message in the words.


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