7-Year-Old Aiyana Jones Shot by Police in Her Sleep. Why?

This is sad. How can we not be upset?

I woke up this morning with her face in my head. This little precious Black girl is gone.....

Aiyana Jones, 7, was shot and killed by Detroit police while she slept on a living room sofa at home. According to reports, police entered the family's apartment with a search warrant at 12:40 AM Sunday morning (May 16) in search of a homicide suspect who was reportedly sharing the home with her father.

According to the Detroit News, Charles Jones, Aiyana's father, first heard a flash grenade go off inside the apartment, followed by gunshot.

"I'll never be the same. That's my only daughter," said Mr. Jones.

"I saw the light go out of her eyes...They killed my grandbaby," said Mertilla Jones, Aiyana's grandmother.

Early reports stated that the gun went off accidentally when Ms. Jones wrestled with the shooting officer, causing his weapon to let off shots that hit little Aiyana.
How many times have we heard the word "accidentally" used when something like this happens in the Black community?

But the attorney representing the family says video footage contradicts the police's version of how the 7-year-old was shot. (Read on MSNBC)

See, there is more to this and the truth will come out. The question is what will we do? You can start by sharing her story with all of your contacts! Post this on Facebook! Make it a trending topic on Twitter!

The family says that Aiyana loved to sing.

The world won't ever get to hear her sweet voice.

Aiyana Jones isn't the first and sadly may not be the last.