Captain Khallid Greene walking from Galveston to Houston to raise awareness for emergency preparedness

Captain Khallid Greene, a Captain with the Inner-City Emergency Response Team/Department, is a man on a mission to bring “Awareness to Emergency Preparedness”. As we approach the 2010 Hurricane season Captain Greene wishes to bring awareness to the seriousness of being prepared during natural and man made disasters.

Captain Greene seeks to highlight the Inner-City Emergency Response Team, Volunteer Fire Departments, Emergency Medical Services, Community Emergency Response Teams(CERT), Fire departments, Industrial Emergency Teams, Law Enforcement agencies and the Thousands of emergency management and volunteers that are committed to mitigating disasters and saving lives.

Inspired by his teammate and now coach, Noah Rattler, Captain Greene thought it would be a wonderful idea to make the journey from Galveston to Houston by foot and raise the issue of being prepared during these perils times. So often we see look for the destructive forces of Hurricane winds to come from Galveston. Captain thought it would be great to bring information, and awareness along the same evacuation route that many will used if forced to evacuate the City of Galveston. Captain Greene will be making this Journey carrying his rescue equipment and being assisted by Veterans of the United States Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Emergency Response Officers, Fire Fighters and Law Enforcement Officers from Various areas of Harris and Galveston County. This will mark a new era in which when we think about disasters and Galveston we will also think of good thing that can reach from the Gulf of Mexico to Harris County and the City of Houston

Captain Greene will begin his trek on May , 15 2010. He will stop at various locations to promote disaster preparedness and healthy living.

Khallid Asiel Greene is the Captain of the Inner-City Emergency Response Team. Captain Greene and his team are key components in assisting the vulnerable population in times of natural and man made disasters. The Inner-City Emergency Response Team fills a gap in the surge capacity during all hazard incidents that may cause harm to the community.

Visit The IN-CERT (www.in-cert.com) page to track his progress, make a donation, or read more about getting ready for natural and man made disasters.

A Disaster Preparedness Rally will take place on May 16 at the SHAPE Our Park (3815 Live Oak) at 5:00PM.

For information, you can contact the Inner-City Emergency Response Team/Department at
832-352-6192 (dispatch line) or Officer S. Gay at 713-294-7331

Go head Capt!

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