"Do I Look Illegal?": Thousands march in Arizona in opposition of SB1070

The fight is far from over in Arizona as several thousands participated in a march on Saturday, May 29 to voice their opposition to the state's new immigration law that is expect to take effect at the end of July. This law would allow the police to check the immigration status of people they suspect are illegal immigrants. Additionally, a person could be charged with a state crime if found not carrying their immigration papers. This march was reportedly the largest one since the bill was signed in April.

Image the headline: "Dora the Explorer arrested while delivering bracelets to her immigrant friends in Arizona." That might sound funny, but this not a game.

Fellow Black blogger Hannibal Muhammad of Phoenix was on the grounds taking these photos of the rally. You can see more of his photos by following him on Twitter, Facebook or his blog. Great work brother!

Bonus Shot: Arizona-base female Hip-Hop artist Queen Yonasda was spotted by photographer Hakeem Khaaliq at the rally also. Another strong warrior.

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