Houston Hispanic Coalition: “We're not going to stop protesting"

In the latest edition of The Final Call, the cover story focuses on the national debate over the recent immigration laws passed in Arizona. Also looking ahead with the question being asked: Who are the next targets? 

In part, National Correspondent Charlene Muhammad writes:
"The fall out over passage of an anti-immigration law in Arizona continued across the United States this week with people wondering is America being reduced to a nation “for Whites only?”
Under Operation Wetback, the U.S. Border Patrol found more than one million undocumented immigrants when they raided Mexican American barrios in Southeastern states in 1954. They sought identification from “Mexican-looking” citizens they stopped on the streets and ultimately, many immigrants were deported and many others fled the U.S.
Now history is repeating itself and without swift, strategic action, opponents of the bill argued, its negative profiling implications could permeate America's entire infrastructure, including the Prison Industrial Complex, and its health care and education systems, for starters."

Alongside her wonderful reporting, I contributed a small portion to this cover story to highlight the moves being made on the grounds here in Houston by a coalition of Hispanic organizations. I interviewed Michael Espinoza, the lead organizer for Houston's SEIU Justice for Janitors group.

"On May 5, nearly 100 members of various Hispanic organizations protested outside the Major League Baseball (MLB) game featuring the Houston Astros versus the Arizona Diamondbacks. This is part of an on-going movement to oppose the recent immigration bill passed in Arizona and to send the message, “Not in our backyard,” to Texas lawmakers.
“The SB1070 is legalized racial profiling and we are 100 percent opposed to it,” Michael Espinoza told The Final Call."

Did you know that amidst the debate of the Arizona immigration bill, Republican lawmaker Debbie Riddle of Tomball, Texas is planning to introduce a tough immigration bill for Texas that will parallel the controversial new laws in Arizona?

It's true! [Click Here To Read For Yourself!]

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