The Lack of Appreciation for Women

I was inspired this past weekend to push back my next planned subject matter for a moment and address the ill treatment of women as the country prepares to observe Mother’s Day.

Let’s get into “The Upper Situation Room”

What inspired this blog? I was a guest speaker at a conference in Austin on the campus of Huston Tillotson University. Before my workshop, I attended the spiritual seminar in the university chapel. Each speaker represented a different religious sect. Only one of the speakers was a woman, who summed up her inspirational short talk by saying, “I came to tell you that you’re not alone.”

As I listened to her beautiful expression of the Word of God I got sad, because I reflected upon how we rarely get a chance to see this in our religious institutions and even our organizations. We lack the beauty of seeing women having the consistent freedom to express their God-given gifts, because so many of us as men beat down women. Women suffer so much abuse whether it is in the home, business, or religion.

I learned that in some foreign nations the birth of a female child is frowned upon. How can you frown upon a little girl, who eventually may be used as a vessel to bring forth new life in the future? I have watched some men use religion and scripture to justify personal oppression of women. However, that is not God’s Way.

As I entered into the Nation of Islam, I saw that we as Black men had our issues as well. Coming out of this society, we are bred in the slums of America to be disrespectful to our women.


Written by Brother Jesse Muhammad for HoustonBelief.com


  1. CORRECTION: “When you don’t know the purpose of something, you will abuse and misuse it.” Any individual, religion, culture, or government that abuses or allows women and girls to be abused/mistreated is an abomination before God.

    I once regrettably watch a video of an Afganastanian (sp) woman executed by her brother in front of her children because she was caught in adultery. The execution was done by the Taliban in a stadium full of men. Where was the man that she had committed adultery with? Why he wasn’t also executed?

    I mentioned how I was disturbed about the video to a brother from the Nation of Islam. His response was, “If the woman is immoral, then the nation will be immoral because she is in charge of nurturing the children.” Blank stare.

  2. I agree with you brother Jesse, women suffer a lot of abuse. Men not only beat women down physically, they do it mentally too.

    My question is: why do men do that?

  3. excellent blog, Brother Jesse. i was wondering as i was reading this if you were expressing views that were not necessarily shared by most others. then i read further about the Hon. Minister Farrakhan's appointment of Sister Ava Muhammad. shows progression and forward-thinking.

    i don't have to lay down how much women contribute. i would like to comment, however, that we still have a ways to go. it's tricky. for myself, i still hold traditional values about my position in the world as a woman. and then my position in the world as a black person. then my position in the world as a woman who is black. how i relate to the world and how the world relates to me gives me a different perspective than from a black male. that is why we are complements to each other. why would not anything i have to offer be valued?

    so thank you for sharing your views and support for the "feminine" perspective. we expect men in our communities to lead - our homes, our churches, our homes, etc. but we women are leaders as well. it takes a strong man to recognize the strength of a woman....




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