Tomorrow it could be your child. If we don't care, who will?

She is on the cover of the recent edition of The Final Call.

We can't stop talking about it.

Again, I woke up this morning with her face in my head. This little precious and beautiful brown-skinned girl is gone. She will never go to high school, will never attend college, will never play outside again, will never learn to drive a car, and.......*sigh*

Little Aiyana Stanley-Jones.

While looking over her casket, Rev. Al Sharpton preached the eulogy of Aiyana on May 22 at Second Ebeneezer Church in Detroit. "This child is the breaking point," he said.

The next day, Rev. Al posted this on Twitter: "We must stop all violence at all levels together. I hope this child's death is a wake up call to the thugs and the police. We are in crises."

The cry for justice in the death of Aiyana is growing online with the launching of the "She Has A Name: Aiyana Jones" Facebook page and "Justice for Aiyana" Twitter page. I am following both.

Read and comment on my recent blog about Aiyana for the Houston Chronicle's HoustonBelief.com:

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