Cleaning up our language....In the beginning was the Word!

The Bible records the first verse of the New Testament with these words. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” WOW! Allah (God) is telling us that the first thing that ever existed was a Word. We know, through the beauty of the universe that it is mathematical and scientifically precise. The order of the universe requires some sort of intelligence. We look and can see the beauty of the way this planet is organized. We recognize the majesty of a God who can take worthless matter and create Sun, Moon, and Stars. However, before he did any of this it BEGAN with a WORD! SAY WHATT!!??

Often, I think we overlook the power of a word. It is from words, that ALL things come into existence. Words have capacity. Words have energy. And the words that are entering our minds and exiting our mouth determine the weight of our very existence. If our words are on a low level, then we will be on a low plane of existence. If our words (conversations) are on a higher level, then our plane of existence will also be on a higher level.

Cleaning up our language will give us the proper orientation of mind that will allow us to grow into manifestations of the power of God. In the Holy Quran, Allah constantly SPEAKS the word kunfayakun, Be and It is. The highest level of conversation that we can have is conversation reflecting on the words of Almighty Allah. When we have such conversations often enough our minds will be organized in such a precise manner that we too can say kunfyakun. We can speak a word and bring it into existence!

Now for my favorite part-SOLUTIONS.

Solution #1, READ THE DICTIONARY. I’m always fascinated when I reflect on how Malcolm X read the WHOLE dictionary after being inspired by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm would later become one of the best representatives of Muhammad. An understanding of words helps us to understand the power of words.

(written by Salih Muhammad, a 17 year old sophomore at the University of California-Berkeley. He recently launched his new blog "Another Point of View". Visit @ http://anothapointofview.blogspot.com)

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