Houston Men's Health Week: Encouraging Men to Think Preventive!

In the age of discussing swagger, bling-bling, Maybachs, and I-pods, one subject we as men do not discuss enough is our health. Are we truly taking care of ourselves on the inside better than the outside? Only you can answer that--and your doctor. (smile)

Our health is very important and we should not take it lightly. Eating right and getting regular checkups are essential to living a more abundant life. Let’s Think Preventive!

This is why I am proud that my blog has become an official co-sponsor/supporter of the 2010 Houston Men’s Health Week taking place June 14-20, 2010 as proclaimed by Mayor Annise Parker.

National Men’s Health Week was created to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. It is always the week leading up and including Father’s Day. This week gives health care providers, public policy makers, the media, and individuals an opportunity to encourage men and boys to seek regular medical advice and early treatment for disease and injury.

Ultimately, the mission of HMHW is to help empower men and boys to take responsibility for their health and wellness through education and information received at community-based health promotion and outreach events.

According to the Houston Department of Health and Human Services, between 1999 and 2003, men carried the largest burden in 26 of the 30 selected causes of death in Houston between 1999 and 2003. The top three causes of death for men in Houston – accidents, heart disease, and cancer – were consistent with national data reported by the CDC. The majority of diseases and conditions common to males are preventable in most cases according to the leading national health organizations.

Many of the events during Houston Men’s Health Week will include a Charity Golf Outing hosted by The Glori Foundation (June 18), HMHW 3-on-3 Basketball Tourney (June 19), Definition of a Man workshop series (June 19), and rounded out with the Father’s Day in the Park Celebration at Tidwell Park (June 19).

Plenty of fun, fitness and entertainment! I will be there and I am looking forward to seeing you all there!

The HMHW is presented by National Men’s Health Week, Houston Department of Health and Human Services, Male Health Initiative, and the Titan Project – Male Clinic. Presenters and supporters include The Glori Foundation, Real Men Cry, Tie-Up for Success, New Home Family Worship Center, Famous Booking Agency, Latina Vybez, Positive Black Male Association, Inc., Houston Style Magazine, Houston Health Book, Amos & Grant Design Management, getActive and yours truly, Brother Jesse Blog!

For more information click any of the ads below or visit @ http://www.menshealthweekhouston.com/

It’s not an event….it’s a men’s health movement.


  1. Jesse, I need you on my team! Thanks for the well-written article and extra publicity. You nailed it - this is about making sure the 'inside' is well and matches the outside swagger. I agree - it's a movement to get men to value their whole person. Keep representing what's good. Great work.

  2. As - Salaam Alaikum! Beautifully put. "Our greatest wealth is our health." We as men and women should be especially cognitive to our health and well being. We should be eating the right foods and eating at the right time, we should be fasting and abstaining from processed and 'junk' foods.

    As well we should have a consistent exercise regime, and we should get a full physical from head to toe, inside out. Preventative maintenance is key.

    It doesn't matter how much education and knowledge one has, or how great one is or we could have billions of dollars; if we are physically sick, then we are dying, not living...

  3. Now days men's health also has great concern.Keep posting news and event about men's health.

  4. That's really nice stuff.Men don't care of their health if we compare with women. Women take care of their health and skin much more than men.National Men’s Health Week is a great one for men.

  5. wow great i have read many articles about this topic and everytime i learn something new i dont think it will ever stop always new info , Thanks for all of your hard work!

  6. Wonderful? I am bowled by your level of understanding on the knowledge. I am so fascinated and I believe you are marvelous at your work. Keep writing… I love reading your write-ups


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